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AuthorJeffrey S. Lubbers
About the Editor
Jeffrey Lubbers is a Fellow of the Section of Administrative Law and
Regulatory Practice, and former Council Member of the Section. He is a
Professor of Practice in Administrative Law at American University’s Wash-
ington College of Law where he teaches Administrative Law and related
courses. He has also taught at the University of Miami School of Law, Wash-
ington and Lee University School of Law, the Georgetown University Law
Center, University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, the
University of Ottawa, and Ritsumeikan University Law School in Kyoto,
Japan. He has degrees from Cornell University and the University of Chicago
Law School and is a member of the bars of the State of Maryland and the
District of Columbia.
Prior to joining American University, he served in various positions with
the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS), the U.S.
Government’s permanent advisory agency on procedural improvements in
federal programs until its closure by the 104th Congress in 1995. From 1982-
1995, he was ACUS’ Research Director—a position in the Senior Executive
Service. In this position, he developed ideas for new studies, hired academic
consultants to conduct the studies, reviewed reports, supervised staff attor-
neys and assisted ACUS committees in developing recommendations from
the studies on a wide variety of administrative law subjects. (ACUS was re-
established in 2010, and Professor Lubbers now serves as a Special Counsel
to the revived agency.)
He worked with Congressional committees and agencies to seek imple-
mentation of ACUS recommendations, and served as Team Leader for Vice
President Gore’s National Performance Review team on Improving Regula-
tory Systems in 1993. He is the author of the fourth edition of A Guide to
Federal Agency Rulemaking (2006) (fifth edition forthcoming in 2012), and
co-author of the fourth edition of the Federal Administrative Sourcebook
(2008), both published by the American Bar Association. He also edited the
first twelve editions of this Developments series.

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