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AuthorAshley S. Lipson
Ashley S. Lipson has been a practicing attorney and litigator for over 30 years. He is cur-
rently a lecturer, software designer and law professor. He has taught at The Detroit College of
Law, Michigan State University, Pepperdine Law School and currently at The University of La
Verne, School of Law.
He is probably best known as the creator and writer of the Objection! game series (the
first computer games to be certified for mandatory continuing legal education) and as author of
the books Documentary Evidence (Matthew Bender), Demonstrative Evidence (Matthew Bender),
Law Office Automation (Prentice-Hall), and Is It Admissible? (James). He has developed the
Lawyers’ Comprehensive Computer Document System and published 60 articles.
In addition to two undergraduate degrees in Computer Science (As.D.’s), Mr. Lipson initial-
ly received his B.A. in Telecommunications from Michigan State University. He then received his
J.D. degree from St. John’s University Law School in 1970. Thereafter, Mr. Lipson earned an M.A.
in Mathematics from Wayne State University and an LL.M. from that University’s law school.

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