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AuthorDavid J. Galluzzo
DAVID J. GALLUZZO is a trial attorney and patent litigator who specializes
in representing pharmaceutical companies in patent infringement actions.
Mr. Galluzzo also represents other clients, from multinational corporations
to startups, on a variety of other issues including big data, smart phone apps,
medical devices, chemical products, patents, trademarks, copyrights, white
collar crime, construction, fine art, and securities.
Before his legal career, Mr. Galluzzo was a scientist at Pfizer, Inc. where he
researched cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. This scientific background
has proven invaluable to his legal expertise; the analytical skill and attention to
detail that make a great scientist are the same skills that make a great advisor and
advocate. Mr. Galluzzo now uses his combined skill sets and refined analytical
reasoning to consistently win the proverbial “battle of the experts” in the biggest
and most complex cases.
Mr. Galluzzo is a partner at the Manhattan-based intellectual property
boutique, Lucas & Mercanti, LLP. He obtained his law degree from University
of Connecticut School of Law with a concentration in intellectual property, and graduated magna cum laude with
a degree in molecular biology and chemistry from the University of Connecticut. He is a member of the honors
society, Phi Beta Kappa.
He can be reached at:
dig@lmiplaw.com or david.galluzzo@gmail.com
I dedicate this revision to my late friend, Edward Ferraro, who requested that I provide insight to lawyers
concerning the benefits and utility of frequentist and Bayesian statistical methodologies in the law.

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