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AuthorBert Spector
ProfessionProfessor of Strategy at Northeastern University
About the Author 165
Bert Spector is a Professor of Strategy at Northeastern University
and an award-winning author and internationally recog nized expert in
organizational change and leadership. He has authored and co-authored
numerous books, including Managing Human A ssets, Hu man R esour ce
Management: A General Manager’s Perspective, The Critical Path to
Corporate Renewal, and Taking Charge and Letting Go. His articles have
appeared in the Harva rd Business Review and the Sloan Management
Review. His best-selling change management textbook, Implementing
Organizational Change: Theory into Practice, is currently in its third edition.
Spector has been a visiting professor at INSEA D and the MIT Sloan School
of Management. His extensive executive training and development activities
have included engagements with law firms and corporations on both sides
of the Atlantic. For four years, he was the faculty coordinator for the FBI’s
emerging exe cutives prog ram.

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