Abortion battles.

Author:Wilson, Brendan
Position:Correspondence - Letter to the Editor

I was disappointed to see that your journal has once again chosen a lead article that diminishes the full teaching of the Catholic Church. In "Bob Casey's Revenge" (January), William McGurn tells us that anyone who thinks that the pro-life message is larger than the issue of abortion is an "enabler" of death and an ally of the pro-choice movement. Mr. McGurn's article does a disservice to conscientious Catholics who try to see all issues through a pro-life lens, and who refuse to be held captive by the myopia promoted by so many political ideologues and journalists. In the end, I suspect that articles like Mr. McGurn's further divide the Church along political lines and alienate brothers and sisters in Christ who do not share the same political allegiances.

Mr. McGurn appears to be saying that only one issue actually matters--and that anyone who isn't working to eliminate abortion in just the way that Republicans are is an "enabler" of the pro-choice movement. While at the margins this might be true, it seems hard to indict all pro-life Democrats for their belief that other pro-life issues...

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