Abel, Jessica, Soria, Gube & Pleece, Warren. Life sucks.

Author:Galuschak, George
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

ABEL, Jessica, SORIA, Gube & PLEECE, Warren. Life sucks. First Second. 192p. illus. c2008. 978-1-5964-3107-2. $19.95. S A *

Dave Miller is a vampire. He spends his nights working at the Last Stop, a 24-hour convenience store in LA, endlessly rotating the hot dogs and restocking the pork cracklins. His boss Radu, aka Lord Arisztidescu, is a 450-year-old vampire who drives around in a Cadillac and busts Dave's chops about not punching out for break. Dave drinks bottled blood and won't hunt humans; all his friends think he's a wuss. Soon Dave falls for a human woman; Rosa is a Goth and vampire wannabe. They date--a triple feature of vampire movies and a romantic moonlit walk on the beach--but before things get serious, Wes, Dave's "big brother," also takes an interest in Rosa. Can Dave convince Rosa that the "life" isn't so great before it's too late?

Life Sucks contains a little bit of everything: lust and violence...

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