ADB Asian Development Bank
AFISMA Af rican-led International Support Mission in Mali
AMISOM African Union Mission in S omalia
AU Afr ican Uni on
BINUCA UnitedNations Integrated Peacebui lding Oce in the Centra l African
BNUB UnitedNations Oce in Bur undi
BONUCA UnitedNations Peacebui lding Oce in the Central Af rican Republic
CAF Latin America n Development Bank
CCLM Committee on Const itutional and Legal Matters (FAO)
CCPCJ Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
CLCS Commission on the Limit s of the Continental Shelf
CTBTO Comprehensive Nuclea r-Test-Ban Treaty Organiz ation
CTC Counter-Terrorism Commit tee (Security Council)
CTED Counter-Terrorism Committ ee Executive Directorate (UnitedNations)
CTITF Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force
DESA Depart ment of Economic and Social Aairs (UnitedNations)
DPA Depar tment of Political Aairs (UnitedNations)
DPI Department of Public In formation (UnitedNations)
EBRD Europea n Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ECCC Extraordina ry Chambers in the Courts of C ambodia
EC OWA S Economic Community of West Afr ican States
EPO European Patent Oce
EU European Union
EUFOR European Union-led peacekeeping force
FAO Food and Agricu lture Organization of the UnitedNations
GRULAC Latin Americ an and Caribbean Group
HRC Human Rig hts Council (UnitedNations)
IADC Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Com mittee
IAEA International Atomic Energ y Agency
IANSA International Ac tion Network on Small Arms
IBRD Internat ional Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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