Aaron David miller.

Author:Pippert, Wesley G.

Aaron David Miller, an adviser on the Middle East for six secretaries of state, had some advice that might have been useful for Secretary of State John Kerry ahead of the now-dissolved peace negotiations. "Like most problems in this region--Iran, Syria, the Arab Spring, Israel/Palestine--there are no solutions. Don't think about solutions. Think about outcomes. And outcomes could be better than the existing set of conditions that we have. But if you think about solutions, you're going to be disappointed. Reinhold Niebuhr, the great Protestant theologian, wrote that the best we can do is to create proximate solutions to insoluble problems. That ... is the reality in this country. If we could get proximate solutions to insoluble problems, we would be really ahead of the game." Still, Miller says, "I am an idealist without illusion, I will never give up on the prospects that human beings can be changed for the better. This...

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