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1100 North Wood Dale Road, Wood Dale, IL 60191 630-227-2000 * www.aarcorp.com www.facebook.com/aarcorp * [c]aarcorp * www.linkedin.com/company/aar-corp

Marcus Jadotte, Vice President, Public Affairs 202-431-8752 * marcus.jadotte@aarcorp.com

Lee Krantz, GM, AAR Mobility Systems 231-779-4833 *lee.krantz@aarcorp.com

Joe Mayo, Senior Vice President Government & Defense Business Development 312-925-1359 * joe.mayo@aarcorp.com

Nick Gross, Senior Vice President, Integrated Solutions 630-227-2809 * nicholas.gross@aarcorp.com

AAR is a global aftermarket solutions company that employs more than 5,000 people in more than 20 countries. Nearly 20 percent of our employees are military veterans with a deep understanding of government and defense operations. We are committed to the very best in public private partnerships and rank among the top 100 defense contractors in the world. AAR is also recognized as a NATO Outstanding Component Repair provider.

Based in Wood Dale, Illinois, AAR supports commercial aviation and government customers through two operating segments: Aviation Services and Expeditionary Services. AAR's Aviation Services...

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