99 Tactics of Successful Tax Resistance Campaigns.

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99 Tactics of Successful Tax Resistance Campaigns

David M. Gross

Picket Line Press

752 Islay Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

9781490572741, $18.50, 312 pp, www.amazon.com

Everyone dislikes paying taxes, but America has the highest voluntary tax payer percentage of any industrialized western nation. This is despite widespread inequalities and complexities of our local, state, and federal tax laws and regulations. But even the most conscientious and law-abiding citizen balks at paying unfair and unwarranted taxes for which they feel they are not legally liable. That's the purpose behind "99 Tactics of Successful Tax Resistance Campaigns", an informed and informative compendium of information that begins with identifying the varieties of tax resisters, along with the diverse tactics...

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