90 World Class Activities by 90 World Class Trainers.

Author:Deisinger, Sue
Position::Book review

90 World Class Activities by 90 World Class Trainers, by Elaine Biech, Editor, Book, 2007, Pfeiffer & Company, $40.

In 90 World Class Activities by 90 World-Class Trainers, Elaine Biech has assembled the global rock stars of the training and development field!

The roster includes superstars like Kevin Dailey, Beverly Kaye, Elliot Masie, Chip Bell, Edward de Bono, Thiagi, and Mel Silberman. In much the same way as a volunteer organization compiles a "best-of cookbook, Biech reached out to the training community and asked for the best of the best. The contributors were very generous, sharing the details of activities with enough information to rip out the pages and use them right away.

As with a cookbook, this book is divided into two sections: Training and Consulting Topics and Training Tools and Skills Development. Each section contains multiple chapters, with a series of activities in each chapter. For example, Chapter 2, Coaching, Mentoring, and Feedback, includes four activities such as Kevin Daley's "How to Impress When Meeting Someone New."

Each chapter starts with an overview from the editor, setting the context for the activities. The activities are all structured using the same taxonomy, which makes it very easy to move from one activity to the next. The description includes:

* Title

* Author

* Objectives

* Audience

* Time required

* Materials and equipment

* Area setup

* Process

* Source

Each activity has "Insider's Tips" that provide helpful hints about conducting the activity such as "be prepared with a box of Kleenex for tears of laughter," and "encourage participants to be vigilant in estimating the time they spend on activities. The more precise they are, the more efficient they will be in their...

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