'89 Walls.

Author:Budzik, Sara
Position:Book review - Young adult review

Katie Pierson; '89 WALLS; Wise Ink Creative Publishing (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) 13.95 ISBN: 9781940014555

Byline: Sara Budzik

This mature novel for young adults explores growing up and developing political opinions, even while bringing the decade of boom boxes and big hair to life.

The 1980s was a unique decade in American social and political history, and Katie Pierson does a stunning job of weaving much of it together for young adults in '89 Walls. There is enough pop culture, music, fashion, and teen angst to make it a fun read, yet Pierson doesn't water down her political debate or the bittersweet undertones of her story.

Seth and Quinn are typical star-crossed lovers. Pierson builds on this familiar framework with the story of the young girl born into a privileged conservative family living in the nicest neighborhood and the boy from the other side of town raised by a more liberal single mom with MS. Once their unlikely love is discovered, they tangle with the expected challenges -- passing judgment on each other's friends and hurting each other's feelings with the typical "I'm sorry my blue-collar future isn't good enough for you."

The two young lovers are very different from each other, but Pierson doesn't depend on this formula to carry out her agenda. Her characters are acutely aware of what's...

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