Editor's Corner, 0122 ALBJ, Vol. 83 No. 1 Pg. 12 (January, 2022)

AuthorW. Gregory Ward
PositionVol. 83 1 Pg. 12

Editor's Corner

No. Vol. 83 No. 1 Pg. 12

Alabama Bar Lawyer

January, 2022

W. Gregory Ward

Welcome to the January 2022 Edition of The Alabama Lawyer

I was stopped by a friend while we were in a courthouse this week -1 get stopped in courthouses, on sidewalks, lots of places - to talk about our magazine. He wanted to comment on my column. He said that it seems that I'm having a good time, and said he detected joy in my writing.

That may be the biggest compliment I've gotten. He is right; I love this job, and I still pinch myself that I get to do it.

Thanks for the opportunity. And thanks for all of the help, comments, suggestions, that I get. I even got an email this week asking me to change someone's delivery address. I did, too.

Now on to this edition.

Have you ever wondered who was the first black lawyer in Alabama? John Browning is a visiting professor at Jones Law School and a former justice on the Texas Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. In "Blazing the Trail: Alabama's First Black Lawyers," he not only tells us who holds that position, but he also gives us quite the tourof early black Alabama lawyers (page 20). I found it fascinating, and I was pleasantly surprised on a lot of levels.

Tim Lewis is our Alabama State Law librarian, and a great fellow, a better researcher, and he gets credited for helping with that article. Did I ever mention that Tim and I were law school classmates? He lived in the same university-owned complex I lived in during law school, and I had to pay my rent to him every month. Alabama could not be served by a better state law librarian. He gets far too little credit for all he does.

I thought the last annual meeting of the state bar was flush with good speakers. Heather Meadows may have been the...

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