Executive Director's Report, 0122 ALBJ, Vol. 83 No. 1 Pg. 11 (January, 2022)

AuthorTerri Lovell
PositionVol. 83 1 Pg. 11

Executive Director's Report

No. Vol. 83 No. 1 Pg. 11

Alabama Bar Lawyer

January, 2022

Terri Lovell

As we enter this year with a renewed sense of purpose, the goals of increased and improved collaboration with local bars, practice area associations, and organizations serving lawyers and providing access to justice to Alabama citizens moves to the forefront. Shared commitment among our members for continuous improvement is one of the greatest attributes of the Alabama State Bar. Now, more than ever, the people we serve on a daily basis need lawyers.

How we can best support our members for the challenges ahead is a constant motivator for me. Our membership is now over 19,000 and with that record number, we must be willing to listen, grow, and evolve to meet the needs of our changing world while continuing to honor the profession we all love.

Technology and communication have become critical to these changes as we learn new ways to support and serve our members and the public. Much time and energy are being...

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