Executive Director's Report, 072021 ALBJ, Vol. 82 No. 4 Pg. 236 (July, 2021)

PositionVol. 82 4 Pg. 236


No. Vol. 82 No. 4 Pg. 236

Alabama Bar Lawyer

July, 2021


Open Doors I always knew that at the end of my judicial career another door would open. But never in my search for purpose and direction did I dream that my new open door would be an opportunity to serve lawyers and to help direct the future of our legal profession. To say that I am humbled to be entrusted to serve as your next executive director would be an understatement. Many lawyers and friends have asked me if I am sad to be leaving the bench. After serving the State of Alabama and the Second Judicial Circuit for the past 24 years, I have realized that being a judge has been more than a privilege, it has been a classroom to learn how to problem-solve, collaborate, learn, and grow. Listening and learning from lawyers and judges for my entire life, I sincerely have a desire to give back to those men and women who have influenced me.

I am, as we all are, where I am today because of the influencers in my life. As the doors of opportunity and the actual doors reopen after a year of virtual meetings and closed offices and courtrooms, I want you to remember that not only do you add value to our legal community, butyouarealsoan influencer in your family, in your community, and over...

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