President's Page, 0520 ALBJ, 81 The Alabama Lawyer 180 (2020)

AuthorChristina D. Crow.
PositionVol. 81 3 Pg. 180


Vol. 81 No. 3 Pg. 180

Alabama Bar Lawyer

May, 2020

Christina D. Crow.

What Does It Mean to be More Than a Lawyer?

One of the things I knew from the day I became president-elect designate (that feels so long ago) was that I wanted to share the stories of lawyers. I was not born in the South. However, having moved here at a young age, I knew the importance of storytelling in the South. I also learned early in life that it is a lot easier to understand others if we know their story-their who; their why; their what. Maybe that's the reason I became a lawyer-to figure out other people. Whatever the reason, I knew I was tired of lawyer jokes and wanted more people to know how amazing lawyers are.

I also figured out early on that I was a better lawyer when I listened to my clients and didn't assume I knew that everyone who had been injured in an accident had the same story. Or, worse, that everyone who lost a loved one shared the same journey of grief. I came to understand that I learned a lot more from listening than talking. And I also realized that when I asked the right questions, whether of my clients or opposing side, I learned much more valuable information than if I assumed I knew the answers and talked more than I listened.

So, in preparing for my year as president, I thought about these lessons and how I might apply them to our profession. Who am I? Who are we? Who is this person on the other side from me? Why am I showing up at this meeting? Why are others showing up? Why do so many lawyers serve their communities on boards and in groups? Why are so many lawyers concerned enough about this profession to volunteer for the bar? Why are so many lawyers concerned enough about this profession to even take the time to read this article?

I finally decided that, for me, the answer is connection. We are looking for a method to connect with others. For many of us, that is through the profession we call the practice of law and, for even more, it is the connection to our community. And because I love lawyers and know lawyers are doing amazing things, I wanted to share the stories of servant leaders who connect to their communities and their profession.

With this mission, and with the help of our amazing communications department, More Than A Lawyer was created. This is a collection of stories and interviews of lawyers across the state who love being a lawyer and...

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