Editor's Corner, 0320 ALBJ, 81 The Alabama Lawyer 122 (2020)

PositionVol. 81 2 Pg. 122


No. Vol. 81 No. 2 Pg. 122

Alabama Bar Lawyer

March, 2020

Things are hopping here at The Alabama Lawyer.

I can't go anywhere without someone stopping me to tell me about an article they just read, about something they saw in our magazine that helped them in a hearing, or with an idea for an article they would like to see. I've even had people stop me to mention some of the recent covers.

It is great when that sort of thing happens.

I was at counsel table and about to begin a hearing the other day when a young lawyer walked over to tell me that he had just read Wilson Green and Marc Starrett's"Appellate Corner,"and within their wonderful research he'd found a case he was about to use. He was so excited that he had just shared the case with another lawyer.

That was not a bad way to start my day.

We are working on an upcoming issue about military law. Word of that got to our counterpart in a sister state north of here, and they are considering a similar edition.

I always put my email address on the end of my column and ask anyone with an idea to get in touch. They do. We are getting calls and emails-both directly to me and to the Montgomery office-with ideas and comments, suggestions and questions.

We recently received a question about an article that was published several months ago. We forwarded the email to the author, and he responded. A lawyer who was using an article then had even more firepower to add to her arsenal.

It's nice to know that you are reading. It's even nicer to know that the conversations begun in these pages keep going after you put down the magazine.

You may have noticed that this issue does not have a theme. After a series of themed issues, we decided to step back, take a deep breath, and relax just a little. I think you'll enjoy what turned up.

Allison Skinner begins a series of articles about the centennial celebration of women's suffrage. Her article about the 100th anniversary begins on page 118. It isn't by accident that this month's cover is a reproduction of the 1998 postage stamp celebrating the 19th Amendment. The U.S. Postal Service actually issued three stamps celebrating the passage of the 19th Amendment, more than it did for any other amendment. Not a bad thing to celebrate, is it?

In "Introduction to Alabama's Assisted Reproduction Law,"AshLeigh Meyer Dunham establishes herself as Alabama's foremost legal expert in assisted reproduction technology (known by the...

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