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Caledonia, IL 61011

Phone: 815-885-1300

Fax: 815-885-1370

Email: qdisales@quantumdi.com

www.ktiusa.com & www.ctcint.com

KTI is a world-leading manufacturer of automatic splicers, turret rewinders and other web handling equipment for a variety of industries including label, packaging, narrow web film and many others. With thousands of machines in operations world-wide, KTI continues to improve product lines to meet the needs of the expanding narrow web converting industry. In 2019, KTI moved to a brand new state-of-the-art facility joining its parent company, Quantum Design, and 4 additional product lines under one roof.


KTI's latest turret rewinder, the MTR Series, offers a brand new roll closure system with inline print and apply allowing customers to add various product and production information to the roll closure labels. This may include product codes, lot numbers, job numbers, date of production and more. These labels are automatically printed and applied to the finished rolls before they are removed from the machine.

In addition, the machine automatically loads cores onto the machine eliminating the need for an operator to load and utilizing a sophisticated, unique design. This leaves more time for the operator to focus on machine efficiency and package finished rolls. The automatic core loading allows for faster turret cycle times permitting shorter rolls to be run at higher line speeds. Other options include automatic tail gluing, a roll closure system, finished roll removal and more.


KTI's line of automatic lap and butt splicers allow for non-stop continuous production. The ZC Series Automatic Butt Splicer offers an operator-friendly cantilever design with a single method splice preparation assuring reliable splicing. An integrated festoon allows splicing at full line speed. Common features such as robust solid steel plate construction, industry standard components and a user friendly design make this a cost effective solution for increasing production throughput. Add an automatic turret rewinder for continuous run...

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