The C-Suite at Massage Envy is more than 60 percent women, spearheading the initiatives behind the first and largest massage franchise. With an increasing number of female franchisee's Beth Stiller, CCO, Kristin Paiva, General Counsel, and Kathy Collins, CMO, discuss being a woman in the franchise industry, what the industry can do to make franchising more accessible, and offer advice for female entrepreneurs.

Beth Stiller

As Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Beth Stiller spearheads commercial and operational strategies for the Massage Envy franchise network. An innovator of the customer retail experience, Beth has spent over 20 years in retail positions including top posts at Duane Reade and Walgreens. Today Beth oversees nearly 1,200 Massage Envy locations and she knows that consistent, personalized experiences are key to the success of the company.

Kristin Paiva

As General Counsel, Kristin Paiva leads the legal team while overseeing legal and risk management concerns as well as franchisee compliance for Massage Envy's franchise network. Kristin's background includes over 10 years in private practice litigating disputes on behalf of a wide variety of national, regional, and local clients. She thrives in the company's vibrant culture and remains laser-focused on the removal of legal barriers that might impede Massage Envy's advancement as an industry leader.

Kathy Collins

As Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Collins joined the Massage Envy team in 2018 and has hit the ground running. A franchise industry veteran, Kathy was tasked with showing the world the whole brand picture, making it clear that Massage Envy's mission was to make self-care and wellness a regular part of people's daily, weekly and monthly routines.

What challenges have you encountered as a woman in business?

Beth Stiller (BS): Early in my career it was a more prevalent issue. Being a young, ambitious woman surrounded by middle aged men with a lifetime of experience was more than a little intimidating. I've been lucky to progress through my career surrounded by strong, ambitious women and men who have understood the unique challenges of female leaders trying to do it all--be successful mothers, wives and business professionals.

Kristin Paiva (KP): Prior to my current position, I was in private practice as a commercial litigator, which, in many ways, still bears the marks of a male-dominated specialty. Though I was lucky to practice in firms that championed gender diversity and...

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