Editor’s Corner, 0718 ALBJ, 80 The Alabama Lawyer 236 (2019)

AuthorW. Gregory Ward.
PositionVol. 80 4 Pg. 236

Editor’s Corner

Vol. 80 No. 4 Pg. 236

Alabama Bar Lawyer

July, 2018

W. Gregory Ward.

Anyone who isn’t embarrassed of who they were last year probably isn’t learning enough.

–Alain de Botton

Greg Hawley, our former editor, used to tell me that the goal of The Alabama Lawyer is for lawyers to teach lawyers. succinct, simple, clear–i like it. all of us lawyers want to be smarter and better informed, and we try to make that happen with every Alabama Lawyer that comes down the pike. and if we are lucky, we will be entertained while we are being enlightened.

This edition’s theme is technology, and two of our board members, Lloyd gathings and Kira Fonteneau, were in charge of finding authors and gathering articles. They did a terrifc job.

Lloyd gathings starts us off with a practical, hands-on perspective on how a small law practice–even a solo practitioner–can compete with the technology of the big firms, and how they can do that on a budget.

Ever thought about digital smoking guns? mike Vercher and Paul Zimmerman of christian & small have, and they scare us (me, anyway) by telling us a fictional story (that could really happen) to demonstrate just how open all of us are being tracked by the technology that surrounds us–both voluntarily and also some of which we might not even be aware. do you have any idea how many different devices record things about you every day? i’m not sure i actually wanted to know. could someone send this to stephen King?

Bernard Nomberg of Birmingham warns us that our clients can destroy their own cases by their unwise use of social media. and he tells us what do to about it.

Albert Copeland of christian & small writes about operation cryptosweep and explains to us how the alabama securities commission takes care of us.

Chris glenos and cathy moore of bradley, a rant ask “What’s in a Name,” and then explain alabama’s new (and often misunderstood) Uniform Voidable Transactions act. They tie together Justinian, st. augustine, the King of Kent, Queen elizabeth–and the alabama Legislature. Not everyone could pull that off.

Do you think the internet is fast now? bill Lawrence and matt barnes of burr & Forman tell us all about the move to 5g, which, they explain, can make the internet up to 100 times faster than what we have now–and what alabama and its municipalities can do to help move along this improvement. They also demonstrate the international...

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