Lawyers' Announcements, 0719 COBJ, Vol. 48, No. 7 Pg. 64

Position:Vol. 48, 7 [Page 64]

48 Colo.Law. 64


Vol. 48, No. 7 [Page 64]

Colorado Lawyer

July, 2019

Submission Guidelines for Lawyers' Announcements in Colorado Lawyer

The content of Lawyers' Announcements is subject to approval and must meet criteria for this type of advertising. Lawyers' Announcements are distinguishable from "display advertising." Email for information about display advertising in Colorado Lawyer.


The Lawyers' Announcements section is reserved to announce the following:

• New members to a law firm or legal department

• Name change of a law firm

• Formation, merger, or new affiliation of law practice(s) and law-related associations

• Relocation of a law practice

• Change in job status

• Retirement of attorneys

• Notices of professional appointment, honors, or awards

Sizes and Cost

Quarter page vertical

• 3.75" wide x4.25" tall

• $250 CBA members; $350 nonmembers

Half page horizontal

• 7.75" wide x4.25" tall

• $400 CBA members; $525 nonmembers

Full page

• 7.75" wide x8.875" tall

• $750 CBA members; $900 nonmembers

Submission of Content

• Advertisers are responsible for the editorial and graphic content of their announcements.

• Digital files are preferred.

• Color files are now accepted.

• Colorado Lawyer staff will no longer provide layout/design services.

• Submit files as...

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