President's Message, 0419 UTBJ, Vol. 32, No. 2. 12

PositionVol. 32 2 Pg. 12

President's Message

Vol. 32 No. 2 Pg. 12

Utah Bar Journal

April, 2019




the Lighthouse Research Results: How Can We Thrive in a

Changing World?



What do

your clients think of you? Why don't more people hire an

attorney to help with some of life's most difficult

challenges? How do people choose an attorney? And why do

people think attorneys cost too much?

As you

will remember, under John Lund's leadership last year the

Bar contracted with Lighthouse Research, a Salt Lake City

research firm, to conduct phone surveys and focus groups of

individual and business clients to address these and other

related questions. The answers shed light on what we need to

improve and what we are doing well. You can read the full

reports from the Practice Portal through the Bar's

website. And you should also revisit John Lund's

excellent report on the survey in the May/June 2018 issue of

the Bar Journal. John R. Lund, Meeting the

Market for Legal Services, the Jury is in: Legal Services are

a Tough Sell, Utah B.J. Vol. 32 No. 3 (May/Jun 2018),

available at http:/Avww.utahbar.orgAvp-content/

uploads/2018/05/May_lune_2018_FINAL.pdf. If you have not yet

read these materials, you will especially find it worth your

time to do so. A brief summary of the Lighthouse data can be

found at


So why

are we still talking about it nearly a year later? Because

the research provides not only useful data but a reminder

that we must continually examine our practices and adapt them

to meet a changing world and changing client expectations. We

are all aware of the factors and pressures that are

accelerating change in every aspect of our world and our

lives. Arguably, it starts with the Internet and related

technologies which are continuing to revolutionize everything

we do including how we access entertainment, how we shop, how

we interact with the government, and how we communicate with

others around the world. Other technologies are changing how

businesses operate and get things done, including how they

use legal services. Societal, political, and generational

changes are also, both separately and relatedly, effecting

changes and applying pressures on how we live and cope. And

all of this impacts how we operate, or should consider

operating, our law practices.

We see

these changes in other industries, from the way we buy our

cars to the way we visit our doctors or buy our groceries.

Consumers have access to more information than ever, and

savvy consumers expect the services they use to be immediate

(or nearly so), comprehensive, and fairly priced. Consider:

the fastest-growing segment of healthcare is telemedicine,

which experienced a 19,000 percent growth in number of

patients between 2014-2018. Why? Because it's fast,

convenient, and more affordable. How are we coping in the

legal profession?


other things, timely data, including that resulting from our

Lighthouse Research study of last year, help inform us as to

where we stand and...

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