NLRB puts new limits on union rights of gig workers

In a big win for employers, the National Labor Relations Board revised the test it uses to decide whether workers are independent contractors or employees, making it easier for employers to classify them as contractors. (SuperShuttle DFW, Inc.) The ruling puts a big hurdle in front of unionizing efforts by such workers, as federal law doesn't allow independent contractors to form unions or join employees' unions. For details about the impact of this ruling, go to

What one thing makes or breaks a wellness program?

To maximize your wellness program's success, make sure your leaders are visibly supportive and involved. In fact, leaders' public recognition of employees' wellness efforts and achievements is the number one factor in wellness participation, says a new Mercer consulting survey. At organizations in which leaders recognize wellness success, health assessment completion rates run at 61%, compared to just 48% for organizations in which leaders don't recognize employees.

Surveying employees? Details & follow-up matter

Employee surveys have a way of making people feel like their answers merely disappear into a sea of data. And if they're not on the "winning" end of the final results, they feel their effort was for naught. When constructing employee surveys, let workers flesh out their...

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