76th Annual Conference Goes Hybrid--and Delivers.


In October, TEI held its 76th Annual Conference, the Institute's first hybrid annual conference, which delivered abundant education, certification, and networking opportunities in both virtual and in-person settings. Here's what some attendees had to say about their experience.

The TEI staff did a wonderful job in pivoting to Orlando and organizing a wonderful conference!

The hybrid model worked great! I'm sure it's more work on the TEI end, but it felt seamless from home. I hope you keep this option for those who can't travel.

Congratulations to the Institute leadership and staff for a successful conference. Well done, everyone!

The new CPE check-in procedure worked well from a user perspective. The availability of the self-service name badge flags was great-easy and fun! The distribution of mask cords was greatly appreciated since there was much up-and-down of masks.

The audiovisual for the hybrid conference was great! I liked how those who attended virtually, especially the speakers, were included in the conversations and we could see them up on the screen.

Excellent conference. Even though I was virtual, the...

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