Executive Director’s Report, 1118 ALBJ, 79 The Alabama Lawyer 392 (2018)

PositionVol. 79 6 Pg. 392

Executive Director’s report

Vol. 79 No. 6 Pg. 392

Alabama Bar Lawyer

November, 2018

Phillip W. McCallum

Phillip. mccallum@alabar.org

You’re Never Too old to learn or inspire

Sara dominick clark has always been remarkable.

At the age of 16, she entered birmingham southern college. From there, she enrolled at the university of Alabama law school. she got married, had three daughters and was a successful lawyer. she took a break from her law practice to raise her children, but found that once they were grown, she longed to fill a professional void. in the spring of 1976, she approached dean donald corley of cumberland school of law and asked for a job. she didn’t know that this decision would be life-altering.

decisions that color your biography are not limited to your 20s or 30s, where every choice seems to carry consequences for decades to come. They are around every corner and crossroad, ready and waiting to take you by surprise. This was the case for Professor clark–to me she will always be known as “professor” because she taught me property law at cumberland. she had an impact on me, both personally and professionally, with her kindness, wit and listening ear, in and out of the classroom. her time at cumberland school of law was the pinnacle of a unique career, but what makes her different is the character she has exhibited all her life. her former students, colleagues, friends and family all echo the same sentiments: Sara clark has inspired many because she genuinely cares about people. she’s invested in others. she’s...

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