Author:Slade, Stephanie
Position:DOCUMENTARY - Movie review - Brief article

Biggie Smalls gets face time in RBG, a new biopic about octogenarian Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Of course he does--he is the inspiration for her fan-given nickname, "the Notorious RBG." On being compared to the late rapper, Ginsburg says it's perfectly sensible: "We have a lot in common," she quips. (Turns out they both grew up in Brooklyn.)

The film is like that. It traces Ginsburg's rise from Cornell coed to law student at Harvard and Columbia to women's rights litigator to judge to icon. She's a "superhero," it says; long before she joined the high court's ranks, she was forcing it to grudgingly overturn laws that treat the sexes unequally; her likeness graces mugs and T-shirts; her dissenting...

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