7 Rules of Marketing That Get Results.

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7 Rules of Marketing That Get Results

Temel Aksoy


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9781797092324 $31.40 pbk / $9.99 Kindle amazon.com

Synopsis: This well-organized book provides a fact-based guideline for marketing professionals to successfully grow their brands. Following the footsteps of Byron Sharp, the author of How Brands Grow, and the researchers at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Temel Aksoy presents 7 essential rules for successful marketing. Refined, insightful, and easy to follow, 7 Rules of Marketing that Get Results, demonstrates how to do marketing and what myths to avoid on the way. Whether you are a CEO, a marketing professional, or a student aspiring to work in marketing, this book will tell you what is myth and what is reality when it comes to marketing.

Critique: 7 Rules of Marketing That Get Results is a guide written by a marketing professional, for marketing professionals. Chapters go beyond the titular seven rules of...

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