7 Podcasts for Lawyers Who Love True Crime, 0420 RIBJ, RIBJ, 68 RI Bar J., No. 5, Pg. 23

AuthorNicole P. Dyszlewski, Esq. Head of Reference, Instruction, & Engagement Roger Williams University School of Law Library
PositionVol. 68 5 Pg. 23

7 Podcasts for Lawyers Who Love True Crime

Vol. 68 No. 5 Pg. 23

Rhode Island Bar Journal

April, 2020

March, 2020

Nicole P. Dyszlewski, Esq. Head of Reference, Instruction, & Engagement Roger Williams University School of Law Library

Like many others, one of the earliest reasons I can remember for wanting to become a lawyer is because I like crime stories. I am interested in hearing the gritty details about crime scenes, cold case investigations, depraved hearts, and bad decisions. Unfortunately, my day job as a law librarian at Roger Williams University School of Law does not provide many opportunities to hear gritty details about any such thing. I compensate by listening to true crime podcasts on my commute to work. If you are like me and love true crime, here is a list of seven suggested podcasts to amuse, enthuse, and enthrall you.


Commonly regarded as the true crime podcast that started it all, this foundational podcast went viral in its first season in 2014. Each season is a non-fiction, law-related story told in weekly serialized segments. Season one’s focus is on the 1999 disappearance/murder of Baltimore-area teen Hae Min Lee and the subsequent conviction of her ex-boyfriend and classmate Adnan Syed. The podcast investigates this crime and extensively re-evaluates Syed’s guilt. Serial, at least season one, is a must-listen if only because it paved the way for true crime in the podcast medium.


For many, the stories told in this podcast will be familiar. Season one focuses on organized crime and corruption in Providence. The podcast is less about one crime (i.e., Serial’s the murder of Hae Min Lee) and more about depicting the history of the relationship between politics and organized crime in Providence. Through extensive research, this podcast creates an unflattering but entertaining narrative of Providence with a menagerie of memorable characters and a series of interrelated events. While this podcast has been criticized, most notably by Providence Mayor Jorge O. Elorza, of glorifying crime and government corruption, it is a guilty pleasure nonetheless.

A Killing on the Cape

On this list of recommendations because of the case’s notoriety and because it takes place in New England, this podcast is about the 2002 murder of Christa Worthington on Cape Cod. The Worthington murder case was oft discussed in the press because of the victim herself and the...

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