6th Amendment Violation.

Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Court of Appeals District III

Case Name: State of Wisconsin v. Sean T. Pugh

Case No.: 2016AP2505; 2017AP1619

Officials: Stark, P.J., Hruz and Seidl, JJ.

Focus: 6th Amendment Violation

Sean Pugh, pro se, appeals two orders denying successive motions and relief he sought through letters he filed in the circuit court seeking the appointment of counsel, postconviction discovery, and postconviction relief from a 2013 judgment of conviction for multiple drug offenses. Pugh has previously filed a direct appeal and a petition for a writ of habeas corpus arising from the same case, both with the assistance of counsel. We conclude that Pugh's current claims for relief from the judgment of conviction are procedurally barred by the prior proceedings and...

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