$65M Greenville County project slated for move-in this spring.

Greenville County Square employees are gearing up to move into their new and improved Greenville County government/administrative complex.

To Greenville County leaders, the under construction "modern and efficient" building will serve as the catalyst for the growth of County Square and will be home to all government functions, said Greenville County Governmental Affairs Coordinator Bob Mihalic.

At nearly 250,000 square feet, the building will not only be modern, efficient and environmentally friendly but also will act as the "nucleus" for the growth to come around it, Mihalic said.

The plan includes the demolition of the old County Square and redevelopment by Atlanta-based developers RocaPoint. The developers plan to fill the site with class A office space and a concerted effort to get companies to consider making their home in the development along with multifamily residences, restaurants and more. What once was a shopping mall and movie theater-turned county government complex will look completely different.

"I think the key part is development will grow around these new buildings and leaders think they are reflective of the people of Greenville modern, transparent and forward-looking," said Mihalic. "It's a beautiful building, design and function that will serve the county

and its residences."

The new building will have an attached parking garage with a covered path leading into the building that is split into two towers as well as a connection

between the north and south towers. The south tower is forward-facing and will hold tax offices, courtrooms, planning, zoning and other county government departments, and the north tower will house Greenville County administrative offices.

Mihalic said the design is also ideal for traffic flow and will be easier for citizens to find, with one building and location for county government functions instead of being spread out.

"It doesn't look like a government building, so the rest of the development to happen...

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