Casemaker—Overview of New Features and Insider Tips, 1114 COBJ, 2014, November, Pg. 79

Author:Wanda J. McDavid, J.

43 Colo.Law. 79

Casemaker—Overview of New Features and Insider Tips

Vol.43, No. 11 [Page 79]

The Colorado Lawyer

November, 2014


Legal Research Corner

Casemaker—Overview of New Features and Insider Tips

Wanda J. McDavid, J.

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Casemaker, the online legal research library that's free to CBA members, is often cited by members as the number one membership benefit. On May 1, 2014, the CBA launched the latest, enhanced version of Casemaker, which includes the following premium products at no cost to members: Casecheck+, CiteCheck, and Casemaker Digest. Casecheck+ and CiteCheck work to improve the functionality of Casemaker. Casemaker Digest offers an easy way to stay abreast of new case law in the state and other jurisdictions of interest. This article provides an overview of the newest version of Casemaker, including Casecheck+, CiteCheck, and Casemaker Digest, and discusses other important features. The corresponding screenshots are provided in the Appendix to the article.

How to Get Started

CBA members who use the automatic login feature on the CBA website1 can bookmark or add to their favorites folder the following link: A second way to access Casemaker is by selecting the Casemaker icon from the left margin on the CBA home page, which opens a page with a bold red link that reads "Click here to enter Casemaker."

Casemaker neophytes and frequent users alike can take advantage of Colorado-specific video tutorials on the CBA website.2 The CBA also offers webinar and in-person training on the various upgrades.[3] The 'Tech Tuesday"4 Casemaker webinar on the new premium services was prepared by Reba Nance, CBA director of the Law Practice Management Department, and gives a good overview of the new services.

Single Search

To run a search in Casemaker's Colorado Library, use the single search bar located at the top center of the screen (see Screenshot 1). Relevant materials returned are categorized in the left section of t he screen showing how many results and in what categories there are results based on the single search. The center section of the screen displays the results of the category that returned the highest number of hits.


Search Within Results

The Colorado Library enables users to search within a search. To "Search Within Results," click on a category in the...

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