63 People Die by Gunshot Every Day.


Sixty-three people die by suicide with a gun every day, states a report by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Washington, D.C. "The sad truth is that you cannot talk about the epidemic of gun violence in this country without talking about suicide," says Kris Brown, co-president of the Brady Center.

"Firearm suicides have gone up nearly every year since 2006, but we are anything but helpless to stop this crisis. By taking steps to strengthen our gun safety laws, we can prevent these needless deaths due to an impulsive decision combined with easy access to a firearm."

The report found that:

* In 2016, the nearly 23,000 suicides by gun accounted for about twice as many deaths as from suicide by suffocation; three times as many as by poisoning; and 20 times as many as by intentional falls.

* Attempted suicide by gun results in death 85% of the time, compared to three percent for other methods.

* White men make up 85% of suicide by gun victims, and men over 40 make up about two-thirds of suicide victims.

* About 20 veterans die by suicide in the U.S. every day; approximately two-thirds of them use a gun.

* More than two teenagers a day shoot and kill themselves; half are under 16.

"Suicides make up such a...

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