6 website tips.

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If you have neither the time nor the money to maintain a real-time business Website, here are six simple tips to give your site the real-time look.

  1. Add a calendar of events to entice your customers to visit your Website often, but make sure it's never outdated. Use an application that allows you to set an expiration date to automatically remove the event the day it expires.

  2. Add a newsroom. Posting press releases and links to other Websites mentioning or using your products and services promotes business while showing constant activity on your site.

  3. Brag about the awards, honors and certifications your business or your employees receive. Having an application to allow you to upload new information instantly could win you business.

  4. Get feedback by posting a survey on your Website. Online surveys are invaluable tools, yielding priceless information.

  5. If you currently advertise with coupons, post them on your Website...

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