6 Innovative Tips for Franchisors to Enhance Social Media Lead Generation Tactics.

Author:Izaks, Jamie

As franchisors adapt to the growing need to digitize their lead generation tactics, it's natural to turn to social media to fulfill this need. Increasing numbers of franchisors are allocating their marketing budgets toward digital lead generation efforts, specifically on Linked In and Facebook. With completely customizable advertising options and the ability to reach franchise prospects in a quicker and easier way, it's no wonder this is gaining popularity.

As is the standard now in the world of marketing and advertising, any action on social media is going to cost you money. Keep in mind that you need to spend money to make money as you create your budget for digital lead generation.

Here are six innovative tips for franchisors that want to enhance their digital lead generation tactics to garner even more quality leads.

Try Different Platforms

The key to a successful franchise lead generation strategy is flexibility all around--in the budget, the platform and the messaging. Try your ad on Facebook, Linkedln and even Instagram to see which performs the best--and keep in mind that your ad may need to change slightly based on the individual platform's standards.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is available through LinkedIn and Facebook and gives you the ability to change one or more variables on a specific ad to gather data on which performs better. You can switch up the imagery, ad type, targeting or even the copy and once you have the results, tailor your next campaign to which is the favorite and gets you the results you want.

Keep Track of the Data

All data is good data to collect when it comes to lead generation strategy. It's important to capture all of the leads' contact information available including email addresses, zip codes, phone numbers and net worth. More importantly, keep these lists clean--you don't want dead leads or incorrect emails plugging up your response rates.

Make an Email List

All of the data you've collected can be used for more than retargeting--start a lead nurturing email campaign that targets the individuals on your list. This is a great way to keep the conversation going past advertising. Create content that is compelling to your readers, such as telling the story of successful franchisees or giving them information about the strength of the industry in which your franchise is thriving.

Invest in Your Franchising Site

If your franchising site hasn't recently undergone a major overhaul, it might...

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