51 RI Bar J., No. 3, Pg. 35 (November, 2002). American Bar Association Delegate Report.

AuthorRobert D. Oster, Esq.

Rhode Island Bar Journal

Volume 51.

51 RI Bar J., No. 3, Pg. 35 (November, 2002).

American Bar Association Delegate Report

American Bar Association Delegate ReportRobert D. Oster, Esq.This report is the first from the Rhode Island Bar Association's new American Bar Association (ABA) delegate, and past RI Bar President, Robert D. Oster, Esq. Bob's report covers the ABA meeting held in Washington D.C. in August, 2002.As with any new experience, I first attended to the ABA House agenda, spending several hours going through the three volumes of items. This was particularly helpful since the meeting and votes required a thorough reading, particularly for a novice. Rhode Island Bar Association members Joe Roszkowski and Dick MacAdams were a great help in helping me with my orientation to both the procedure and the people involved.

Several activities deserve special note, and I believe our members will approve the results. Most important, a measure concerning multi-jurisdictional practice (MJP) was passed in a form that complies with ethical constraints and in accordance with accepted Rhode Island practice regarding contacts with Massachusetts and other jurisdictions.

Dennis Archer, the former Mayor of Detroit and a Michigan Supreme Court Justice was elected ABA President Elect. For an organization that banned African Americans from its membership just sixty years ago, this was a historic step. I felt privileged to be a part of this process and supported this well-deserved appointment on...

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