50-Year Spotlight, 1020 WYBJ, Vol. 43 No. 5. 14

PositionVol. 43 5 Pg. 14

50-Year Spotlight

No. Vol. 43 No. 5 Pg. 14

Wyoming Bar Journal

October, 2020

Edward P. Moriarity University of Wyoming College of Law Class of 1970

Who was your favorite law school professor?

Mr. William Knudson.

Who was your favorite judge?

There were many great ones. Judge Brimmer.

Who was your most formidable adversary?

Most Wyoming lawyers but specifically Frank Neville.

About My Legal Career

As a lawyer I was not special, but I was very lucky. I had a wonderful career because I was in the right place at the right time. In my career I was lucky to have practiced with outstanding partners and associates who gifted me with their love, guidance, knowledge, kindness, talent, and work habits: • 1970-72—McClintock Mai, Urbigkit, and Moriarity. They each became admired judges.

• 1972—we were joined by Terry Mackey who was a legend his entire career.

• 1973-74—Spence, Rose and Moriarity (or Rose, Spence & Moriarity depending upon whose stationary was used. Gerry and Bob could never agree on who led the firm).

• Bob Rose joined the Supreme Court in late 1974 and we became Spence and Moriarity. In 1976 we became Spence, Moriarity and Schuster and moved from Casper to Jackson and were led by the greatest trial lawyer ever, Gerry Spence.

Over the years we had the honor of working with many world-class, gifted lawyers, including those who at various times worked at our firm. The firm had the opportunity to go against many lawyers from jurisdictions across the USA, and we learned a lot from these capable advocates. We tried cases all over the USA and were privileged, honored, and challenged by appearing before numerous judges and juries, both federal and state, who taught us the ins and outs of being outsiders. We learned to adapt jurisdictions. One thing we learned is that the judges, lawyers, and juries we faced in Wyoming were a much higher quality, character and caliber than many of those we faced elsewhere. We are so lucky to have been educated here in Wyoming. It is a great environment to practice law. I am very proud to be a Wyoming lawyer for fifty years.

Why I Became a Lawyer I became a lawyer because my father spent 35 years working for the Anaconda Copper Mining Company (ACM Co.) in Butte, Montana, as an underground copper miner. My dad was exposed daily to bad air that caused miners disease, which resulted in him losing the function of his lungs. He only...

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