5 Components to Consider with Franchise Ops Software.

Author:Iqbal, Faraz

Running your business is already full of tough decisions--hiring the right employees, partnering with the best vendors, finding the best location and much more.

It's even more challenging to run a franchise business without proper franchise operations software in place. The goal of a franchise operations software solution is to balance integrity across the organization, functioning as the 'one source of truth' to manage the needs and growth of your brand. Below you will learn what a growing franchise brand should look for in an operations software provider and why each component is crucial.


When growing a franchise business, you need to be able to depend on your operations platform at all times. Whether you are working from your office or remotely from your mobile phone, it is important for you to have a user-friendly flow that is "on-the-go."

Among SMBs using tablets for business, "97 percent say anytime, anywhere access to data and applications makes employees more effective," according to studies from the Huffington Post, XanEdu and Tech.co. Also, 83 percent indicated business applications and data available on smartphones has a mid-to-high level of impact to the business." This goes to show that mobile accessibility is not an "add-on" perk, but instead a vital part of the business experience.

No. 2


Scalability is a common buzzword but a business owner must pay close attention to ensure growth doesn't become a liability. If a business owner doesn't account for scale growth could negatively impact customer service, which in turn can negatively impact the bottom line. When looking for a solution, understand your growth trajectory and make sure the solution you are evaluating can handle that growth. Don't confuse this with finding a solution that will answer all your needs. There is a fine line and you want to make sure you identify your most important needs; otherwise, your selection process will be drawn out.


When choosing the best software supplier, consider if you want a provider or a true partner. A provider will cover the basics you've paid for and will function as an operations tool, whereas, a true partner will help you grow. This could include anything from providing consulting and expertise on how to fine-tune your current processes for a greater return or by suggesting additional solutions that could help streamline your growth. According to Edelman Trust Barometer, "84...

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