365 Aircraft You Must Fly.

Author:Werrell, Kenneth P.
Position::Book review

365 Aircraft You Must Fly. By Robert F. Dorr. Minneapolis, Minn.: Zenith Press, 2015. Photographs. Index. Pp. 320. $22.99 ISBN 978-0-7603-4763-8.

Robert Dorr is well known to readers of this periodical as our former technical editor, and a very prolific and highly respected aviation author. 365Aircraft You Must Fly is somewhat different from his previous works--in a class of its own. It is a mid-sized paperback book printed on slick paper featuring 365 aircraft (I'll trust his count) one or two to a page. Each entry contains a clear photo and basic information that includes date of first flight, engine and power, maximum speed, wingspan, and the number built. A short paragraph includes a pithy short-phrase summary and a few interesting facts about each machine.

The aircraft included extend over the history of aviation, from the Wright flyer to the B--1, civilian and military, a worldwide assortment, although the primary focus is on U.S. aviation,. Thus while U.S. aircraft are well covered (some 210 in just over 300 pages of text), the same is not true for aircraft of other nations. The aircraft are arranged by country of origin and then by date of first flight. There is a single index arranged by manufacturer.

Dorr does not directly indicate how he picked these particular aircraft. However, what appears on the cover and on the title page as perhaps a curious and long subtitle appears to be the focus: "The most sublime, weird, and outrageous aircraft from the past 100+ years...

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