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Utah has one of the largest gender wage gaps in the country, and it also ranks the lowest out of all 50 states for women holding positions of leadership in the workplace. But that hasn't stopped the women in Utah from making waves and fighting toward success. Join us in celebrating the 2019 30 Women to Watch as they pave the way for the next generation of female entrepreneurs and for the future of women in business.


General Counsel | Zagg Inc.

Abby Barraclough describes herself as a practical woman. "I was drawn to my profession out of a need to make a living," she shares. "Engineering technology seemed like a solid undergraduate degree that would help me secure a good job."

Now, as general counsel for Zagg Inc., Ms. Barraclough has not only built the company's legal department from the ground up, but she works to clear obstacles so her coworkers can focus on what they do best, including things like workplace equality. "Data continues to show that women do not fare as well as their male counterparts in terms of compensation," she says, highlighting the unfortunate reality we face. "Raising awareness and maintaining focus are key to achieving equality in the workplace. The moment you take your eye off the ball, inequality will find its way back into an organization."


Attorney | Fowler Venable Law

Councilwoman | Salt Lake City Council

Between being elected to the Salt Lake City Council, being named chair of the Redevelopment Agency, and leaving the public defender's office to start her own law firm, it would seem like Amy N. Fowler barely has time to breathe. But everything she does, she does for a purpose. "I wanted to help people," she says. "I wanted to be the voice of those who felt they didn't have one."

After winning the city council seat in 2017, Ms. Fowler now works with the state legislature and the governor on some of the state's biggest projects, like the Utah's Inland Port, and serves on the National League of Cities' Federal Advisory Committee on Public Safety and Crime Prevention. "As the only former public defender and current criminal defense attorney on the committee, I hope to bring a new perspective on how we can make a difference in helping people in the criminal justice system."


Publisher/Executive Editor | SLUG Magazine

Executive Director | Craft Lake City

Angela H. Brown has dedicated her entire career to cultivating and supporting Utah artisans. For the last two decades, she has been the publisher and executive editor of SLUG (Salt Lake UnderGround) Magazine, which she has taken from a small black and white zine with limited distribution and transformed it into a full-color magazine with a monthly distribution of 30,000 copies across the state of Utah.

In 2009, Ms. Brown launched the Craft Lake City[R] DIY Festival[R], an alternative arts festival she bootstrapped from a 100 percent volunteer-run event into an up-and-coming nonprofit organization now employing seven part-time year round contractors and over 60 seasonal contractors. Ms. Brown is deeply passionate about Utah's underground culture, as a leader of the alternative arts.


CEO & Founding Partner | Method Studio

Becky Hawkins is an extremely motivated woman. "[I have] an inner desire to achieve at the highest level. I am extremely competitive and had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of competitive sports where that spirit has translated into my business endeavors," she says. And that spirit has taken her far. Fierce and unafraid, Ms. Hawkins took her passion for interior design and translated it into creating spaces that enhance both community and life experience. "I loved the creativity in the design process and the idea of creating 'place,'" she shares.

When Ms. Hawkins merged her design firm with the largest architectural firm in the state, she was the only female principal in a very male-dominated firm. And that's why she sees herself as an asset. "Breaking through gender barriers in architecture continues to be important to me," she says.


CEO | Enyo Renewable Energy

Council Member | Cottonwood Heights City Council

A dynamic and recognized leader in the development of Utah's renewable energy, Christine Watson Mikell is an engineer by education and an entrepreneur by practice. The developer of Utah's first utility-scale wind farm in Spanish Fork and another in Monticello, she has advocated for Utah to be a leader in affordable, clean energy for the past decade. A founding board member of Utah Clean Energy, she currently serves as a member of the Cottonwood Heights City Council.

Ms. Mikell is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and received her MBA from the University of Utah. And she strives for excellence in every aspect of her life, whether it's developing renewable energy projects, serving the community as a city council member, or raising her family.


Director of Diversity & Inclusion | Salt Lake County

Government Mayor's Office

Emma E. Houston is responsible for setting the tone of the Salt Lake County government. Appointed by Mayor Ben McAdams in 2016, she has spent the last three years redesigning county training to ensure that the diversity and talent in county government is not only respected but valued. "The rewarding aspects of my job are when differences are embraced and change occurs," she says. And there's nothing she looks forward to more than assisting in the change that will...

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