30 Women to watch.

Author:Rachel, Heather Stewart

Much of Utah's economic success can be attributed to the many ambitious, talented and hard-working individuals who are devoted to improving the state. In this year's 30 Women to Watch recognition feature, wc salute some of Utah's best and brightest leaders who are key influencers in their companies and communities. They are small business owners and innovators who are changing the way we live. They are executives who are at the helm of billion-dollar companies. They are nonprofit and government leaders who solve complex problems that impact us all. Regardless of industry or title, these 30 Women to Watch are playing an important role in shaping Utah.

Cammie Cable

Vice President of Human Resources, CLEARLINK

Cammie Cable didnt plan on going into human resources, but she's certainly glad she ended up there. Cable started her career as a sales rep for Marriott, but as positions opened up she found herself working in HR. She never looked back.

As vice president of human resources for CLEARUNK, Cable most prides herself on implementing a 100 percent employer-paid health plan. even as changes to healthcare law led to rising costs. She directed the creation of 360[degrees] Fit, a corporate wellness program that has received multiple awards. She has helped the company grow from fewer than 100 employees to more than 1,200. She's also affectionately referred to as the "CLEARLINK Mom" because of her compassionate and welcoming demeanor.

Cable cares about helping ocher FIR professionals succeed and follow best practices. She is co-chair of the Utah Technology Council's HR Peer to Peer forum and mentors other professionals throughout the state.

"greatly enjoy the faet that have the ability to work with briyht individuals on a al4 basis. am in a position where yet to help them navigate a psath to briny out the best in who they are and reach their potential."

Lelani Craig

President, CornmGap International Language Services

Lelani Craig has been in the translation business for a very long time. As a teenager growing up in a small Idaho town, she was often called on to interpret by local police, allowing her to use the bilingual skills she'd gained as the daughter of an Argentinean mother and an American father.

She continued to translate in college, working for a time for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 2000, Craig founded CommGap International Language Services, which serves clients in 250 languages throughout the world. She's been actively involved in the broader translation industry as a charter member of the Association of Language Companies and is a member and sponsor of Translators Without Borders.

Craig has consistently focused CommGap on providing quality service to clients rather than cutting corners to save costs. She believes this is why the company's interpretation services grew 39 percent in 2013 and are projected to increase by 45 percent in 2014.

"Don't Ii nutyourself by your surroundings or your perceived role. Tbday's woman has the to do anything she wants. Set goals, plan on how you want to achieve those goals and do it."

Gina Duffy

Founder and Principal, SheShreds.co

Gina Duffy formed SheShreds.co based on two of her passions--fashion and action sports. Now the company is helping her work on another passion--supporting and promoting women and girls involved in action sports.

After 15 years working in marketing, advertising and hospitality positions, Duffy launched SheShreds.co in 2013. The company provides action and adventure apparel and gear for female athletes who take part in snowboarding, wakeboarding, skating, surfing and other sports. She was also a founding partner in All-Actionsports. corn, an event production and marketing organization that carries out adventure sports events and competitions.

Duffy says it can sometimes be challenging to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, but she has been able to use it to her advantage--her efforts to level the playing field for women have drawn positive attention to her company. As an athlete herself, quick access to excellent snowboarding first brought her and her husband to Utah.

"My company and what we are doiny inspires so many other females out there. we're not just about

s who participate in these sports; it is more about female empowerment."

Cheryl Lee Eberting, M.D.

Founder- and CEO, CherylLeeMD, Sensitive Skin Care and Alpine Dermatology & Laser

Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting's career has multiple parts, and they're all devoted to helping people improve the health of their skin. Since 2006 she has practiced medicine at a dermatology practice she founded, Alpine Dermatolog & Laser. She has always had a special interest in skin problems such as eczema, chemical allergies and chemical toxicity, so three and a half years ago, she started creating her own line of products designed to help the skin repair itself. She now has four FDA-approved over-the-counter medications, which have also received the National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance. In March she launched a brand, Cheryl LeeMD, Sensitive Skin Care, and a product line called TrueLipids.

Eberting loves being able to carry out a wide range of tasks every day--performing surgeries and other medical procedures, developing products, marketing and many more. She also loves that her career allows her to interact with patients of all ages and gives her the chance to investigate, diagnose and solve a wide range of problems.

"I love having a profession that allows me to solve problems, to develop proolgets that solve problems and to ma& help my patients.'

Nancy Ford

Director, IT Risk and Information Security, American Express President, Ford Industries Inc.

Nancy Ford has more than three decades of experience as an IT risk and security expert. She's worked for large corporations, including American Express, where she is currently director of IT risk and information security, and IBM. At American Express she has created an end-to-end technology risk governance program, a multi-year technology strategy. She also led a major transformation of the American Express disaster recovery program.

Ford recently applied her wealth of experience toward running her own small business, Ford Industries Inc., a security integration company that provides security solutions for corporate complex environments.

Ford is also actively involved in nonprofit organizations. She has served on the boards of Valley Mental Health Foundation and the Single Mom Foundation. She is a mentor with the Women in Technology organization, and within her company, she has created a program that provides free security systems to deserving nonprofit organizations.

"I am one of the Arti, inate few that have found the rht path that inspires me evay 4. Hove what I do now ana yenuinebi enjoy the people I work with."

Cynthia Abrea Gambill

Owner, Remedez/Trey Ventures

Cynthia Abrea Gambill came to Utah from Argentina when she was 20 years old. She knew little English, but she knew how to work hard. She took office jobs in data entry, as a filing clerk and even as a nighttime custodian. She worked her way up From there, eventually becoming marketing director For BNA Consulting Engineers and then director of marketing For the Western Division of Musco Sports Lighting.

In 2002, she and her family moved back to Utah from Southern California and she opened Remedez HairSpa AVEDA with her husband, Tyler Gambill. The company started with 12 employees and has grown steadily over the past 12 years; it now employs 45 people who treat an average of 800 clients weekly. In addition to running the salon, Gambill volunteers for multiple organizations in Utah County. She's a member of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce board of governors, chair of the board for Women in Business in Utah County and a member of the Scera Center for the Arts advisory board.

"My commun# has given me evesything I have ever wanted an education, a career and a nmiy. We can never go wrong serving our commun# and giving hack."

Pam Gold

Vice President of Sales and Account Management, United HealthCare

Pam Gold is passionate about health, both in her own...

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