30 new Windows features you can test right now.

Author:Collins, J. Carlton

Q. What new features can we expect in the next edition of Windows?

A. Presented below is a summary of some of the more significant prerelease enhancements to Windows, which you can try right now by becoming a Windows Insider. To become an Insider, sign up for free at insider.windows.com. (Note: These beta features may be a little buggy, and there is no guarantee they will ultimately be released in future editions of Windows.)

  1. Improved search tool: The new File Explorer search tool automatically integrates your OneDrive online data files into your search results and displays search results almost instandy as you type your search criteria. In addition, instead of indexing selected folders, the search tool now indexes all the folders and drives on your PC by default.

  2. Android phone integration: New functionality allows you to receive and manage all your Android phone notifications on your PC. Additionally, you can mirror your Android phone's screen directly on your PC screen if you have one of the following types of Android phones: OnePlus's OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T, and Samsung's Galaxy SlOe, S10, S10+, Note 8, and Note 9.3.

  3. Sandbox improvements: Windows Sandbox allows you to run different operating systems and applications in a window without making changes to or affecting your computer system's settings. This tool typically is primarily used to test applications and to run untrusted files before fully installing them on your PC, but there are other reasons for using this functionality, such as running legacy applications. The new Shift+Alt+PrintScreen key sequence also empowers users to more easily turn on highcontrast mode. Additionally, new networking and shared folders allow users to better configure the sandbox.

  4. Searchable emojis: You can press Windows Logo+(period) or Windows Logo+(semicolon) and type a search phrase to locate one of the many new emojis included in the Emoji 12 pack, such as the bone, tooth, swan, and other emojis pictured below.

  5. New Chrome extension for Timeline: By default, Windows Timeline records your computer activities (and other activities) so you can later retrace them. For example, in the past minute, my Windows Timeline reports that my Jekyll Island computer just installed an update, I was pinpointed on a map in my Atlanta home, and I recently searched the web for Emoji 12 (in conjunction with writing bullet No. 4). Now a new feature allows you to download a new extension from the Chrome Web Store...

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