3 Weeks to a Better Back.

Author:Trask, Sheila M.
Position:Book review

Todd Sinett; 3 WEEKS TO A BETTER BACK; East End Press (Nonfiction: Health & Fitness) 26.95 ISBN: 9780988767386

Byline: Sheila M. Trask

Sinett speaks to his readers much as he might speak with patients in his office, offering methods to personalize back-pain relief.

The phrase "back pain" is all too often accompanied by the word "chronic." Chiropractor and applied kinesiologist Dr. Todd Sinett has witnessed this countless times in twenty years of practice, and it's the reason he's written this easy-to-read, informative book. Sinett's patients have often treated their back pain with medication, physical therapy, and surgery, yet their discomfort persists. The problem, as Sinett sees it, is that none of these approaches address the underlying causes of back pain. 3 Weeks to a Better Back offers alternative approaches that patients can take on their own.

Sinett writes with a friendly, helpful voice, and although he cites few medical studies to reinforce his message, he makes his clinical experience clear through case studies, patient testimonials, and anatomical drawings of the spine, foot, and neck. Sinett asks his readers to interact with the book on several levels, offering quizzes to help readers define the type of back pain they're dealing with, as well as clear photographs of the...

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