3 Technology Giants.

Author:Gonzalez, Alejandro

Hans Vestberg (Verizon), Mauricio Ramos (Millicom) and Meinrad Spenger (MasMovil) are the winners of the 2018 Tech Pioneer Award. The prize, given by the Copemion investment fund, in partnership with El Economista and Latin Trade, recognizes outstanding achievement by individuals from the technology and digital worlds of Europe and the Americas.

New technologies help society and business advance by improving quality of life, increasing productivity and streamlining daily routines. Innovation has the potential to spread to the lives of many.

The Tech Pioneer Award recognizes those who have contributed to the creation, dissemination, development and implementation of digital tools and technological innovation. These pioneers include entrepreneurs, inventors and businessmen who have fulfilled that mission throughout their careers.

The award also aims to provide a vision of digital transformation across all sectors of business, economy and society.

The prize is presented each year in Barcelona by the Copernion investment fund, with media partners the Spanish daily El Economista and Latin Trade. This year the winners are Hans Vestberg, CTO of Verizon, as European Tech Pioneer; Mauricio Ramos, CEO of Millicom, as Tech Pioneer of the Americas; and Meinrad Spenger, CEO of MasMovil, as Rising Star of Technology.


Hans Vestberg has witnessed the evolution of communications since his first job at Ericsson in his native Sweden. He learned the importance of technology in transforming society and creating opportunities for needy communities.

"I realized very soon the impact that technology had on people. Starting with fixed networks--when everybody wanted to have fixed lines--, and moving on to mobility and handsets," he told Latin Trade.

Before becoming CEO at Ericsson, Vestberg headed its operations in emerging markets, including Latin America, where he lived for 10 years, in Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

Now CTO of Verizon, he continues to push for a revolution in mobility in which consumers have the I power to make transactions, easily access all the information they need, work remotely and communicate quickly from smart devices. New technologies like cloud services, the Internet of things or blockchain capitalize on such interconnectivity to erase borders and raise the quality of users' lives.

Vestberg says that up to now we have been replacing a communications infrastructure designed for the 20th century with one more in keeping...

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