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Today, almost without exception, companies make good to great products. They have knowledgeable customer service and technical staffs that can communicate well, discuss applications, and offer solutions. They understand processes and the need tor reliability and repeatability in producing consistent manufacturing results. If they don't possess these skills, they will not survive in the long-term. So what is it that makes a company stand out from the crowd and turns them from a me-too into a "great" company to do business with?

Integrity in your business dealings is likely the single most important factor that consumers and customers recognize and reward with repeated business. If someone trusts that you are not out to make a profit at their expense, but rather you truly recognize that there needs to be a win-win for both, a business relationship will thrive. If there is trust that when you make a mistake, and you will, you will own up to the mistake or issue and work with them to resolve it to their satisfaction, you strengthen that relationship.You have to excel at both internal and external teamwork in order for this to be successful.

A second major factor is a company whose employees realize the importance of the customer and not just pay lip service to the concept.

Customers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and more importantly, needs and personalities. Some are easy to work with; some are very demanding and high maintenance. All are extremely important. The ability to handle a wide range of demands in terms of service level and "unique" needs is critical in todays changing world. A high...

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