3 Jewish Philosophers.

Author:Greenspan, Able
Position:Brief article - Book review

3 Jewish Philosophers Philo, Saadya Gaon, & Yehudah Halevi Toby Press PO Box 8531, New Milford, CT 06776-8531 1592641474 $14.95 www.tobypress.com

Co-edited by the learned team of Hans Lewy, Alexander Altmann, and Isaak Heinemann, Three Jewish Philosophers, deftly compiles seminal selections from the writings of Philo, Saadya Gaon's "Book of Doctrines and Beliefs", and Yehudah Halevi's "Kuzaria". 3 Jewish Philosophers showcases these three critically important Jewish philosophers of medieval Europe and provides contemporary readers with an invaluable perspective on their work and contributions to western...

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