Evaluation of Chemistry Journals at IIT Kharagpur, India: use and citation analysis.

Author:Maharana, Bulu


Globally, librarians spend enormous sums of money to acquire library materials irrespective of the fact that national, state, and local economies vary widely, as do individual library budgets. Traditionally, librarians believed in a "collect everything" approach. But with recent budget limitations, space constraints, and rapid growth of digital materials, most librarians cannot continue with the same approach anymore. Librarians, as professionals, try to build and maintain collections that will meet their collection development goals and be appropriate for their users (Agee, 2005, pp. 92-95).

In this environment, it becomes a dilemma for the librarian, whether to switch completely to a digital environment or not. By evaluating current collections, librarians may better manage future collection development. Collection evaluations help librarians ascertain the usability of materials in their collections to the user community.

Aims and Objectives

The present study evaluates the collection of Chemistry Journals at IIT Kharagpur library with following objectives;

* To provide a strong basis for better collection management.

* To evaluate the performance measurement of Journals for research.

* To help cost-effective subscription of journals.

* To understand the impact of Chemistry Journals on research.

* To provide information regarding the global as well as local impact of each Chemistry Journals.

Scope and Limitations

The scope of the present study is confined only to Chemistry Journals subscribed by Central Library, IIT Kharagpur. It is quite a difficult task to take all the Journals subscribed by the Central Library under the purview of the study. The present study, therefore, has the following limitations:

i. The research is limited to the jurisdiction of IIT Kharagpur. (i.e. limitation by the type of institution covered)

ii. The population of this study is confined to the faculty and research scholars of Department of Chemistry,

IIT Kharagpur but not of any other Department (i.e. limitations by the size of the sample)

iii. For the evaluation of chemistry journals, the present study investigates only the usage statistics and impact factor but not any other aspect (i.e. limitation by type of investigation).

iv. In the present study SciFinder Scholar has been used to retrieve usage statistics of some selected Journals through citation analysis (i.e. limitation by database covered).


In the present study, the questionnaire data coupled with citation statistics from SciFinder were used for the evaluation of Chemistry Journals. A simple questionnaire was prepared to elicit pertinent data on the usage of journals by the respondents. In the second part of the study, the cited references of selected Journals for the year 2005 and 2006 were collected from SciFinder Scholar based on the analyzed data of questionnaire. At last ISI impact factor of each Chemistry Journal was obtained to find out the global usage trend of the journals in Chemistry.

Analysis of Data and Discussion

The researcher has devoted all its effort to meet the goal of the study, starting from drafting a simple questionnaire to distribute it to the faculty and research scholars of the Department of Chemistry, IIT Kharagpur. All the Journal titles categorized under Department of Chemistry have been collected from the website of Central Library. The Department of Chemistry, IIT...

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