Information professionals as agents for promoting entrepreneurship and technology education in actualizing vision 2020 for Nigeria.

Author:Eke, H.N.


Education is a crucial tool for national development. The present revolution of technology-driven society has mandated the use of technology in all walks of life for a sustainable development. According to Esenjor (1992) "real development involves the capacity and creative capacity of a people to transform effectively natural resources of environment into goods and services through the imaginative and practical application of their creative talents and productive labour force" Hence, technology and entrepreneurship education are the bedrock for national development and are a roadmap for achieving the vision 2020 for Nigeria. For Nigeria to achieve the national goal of vision 2020, there should be a total restructuring and integration of skill-based educational system into the educational curriculum for self-reliance and capacity building.

Unemployment has been an economic quagmire and a social ill that has eaten deep into the economy of the nation. Graduates are mass-produced every year without job opportunities nor adequate entrepreneurial skills which vis-a-vis has affected the national economy. On this note, Bamkole (2007) pointed out that ntrepreneurship is a must now"

Entrepreneurship education is therefore a pragmatic and viable approach for stimulating national development and fostering rapid transformation for the nation. Entrepreneurship is therefore a programme that inculcates creative, innovative, productive and managerial skills needed in business enterprises for self-reliance and national development. According to Kuratko (2005), entrepreneurship has emerged over the last two decades as arguably the most potent economic force the world has every experienced. Technology education in the same vein is undisputedly recognized as a catalyst for national development. It is a programme with practical knowledge and process related to technology. Section 1 of the Nigerian National Policy of Education (FGN, 2004) states that need for functional education to be relevant, practical and acquisition of appropriate skill and the development of competencies as equipment for the individual to live in and contribute to the development of competencies as equipment for the individual to live in and contribute to the development of his society. This implies that there is need for education to be geared towards inculcating practical skills, and competencies necessary for self-reliance, capacity-building and national development. Therefore, for effective educational development and for Nigeria to realize the vision 2020, it is very pertinent to keep people abreast with the latest developmental and changing technologies of which Information Professionals have a pivotal role to play.

An Overview of Technology Education

Often shortened to "tech ed", technology education as defined in Wikipedia, is a study of technology, which provides an opportunity for...

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