The mood and the message.

Author:Kenny, Jack

Now that you have arrived at this page of the magazine, you arc no doubt aware that something is completely different at Label & Narrow Web. Yes, the magazine has been redesigned after many years of featuring the same look. We now sport an overall lighter look, with different type and graphics chat harmonize throughout the publication.

Credit for the new design goes to Laura Caramagna. an art associate at our parent company, Rodman Publishing. "Our goal was to create something clean and simple," she says. "Modernizing, organizing and simplifying were the most needed changes." Laura, along with Art Director Mike Del Purgatono, saw that our various departments, columns and features required better differentiation. "That was achieved by assigning different colors and headline/deck treatments to the sections," she adds." Fonts needed to be updated and modernized. Using design elements to contribute overall constancy was another main priority".

A trade magazine, of course, is much different from a consumer publication, and designers know that. "A trade magazine like L&NW serves as a means of getting highly specialized content out to the reader," says Laura. "The design should reflect, the mood and message of the magazine's content."

Getting a new look is kind of like being taken to the mall for a new wardrobe. That definitely improves the mood. We hope you like the look.

We had a mood shift recently when...

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