27 Views of Asheville.

Author:Romeo, Lisa
Position:Book review

Rob Neufeld (contributor); 27 VIEWS OF ASHEVILLE; Eno Publishers (Nonfiction: Travel) 15.95 ISBN: 9780983247517

Byline: Lisa Romeo

It is not mandatory that a reader be familiar with (let alone a lover of) the works of the late novelist Thomas Wolfe in order to appreciate the new anthology, 27 Views of Asheville: A Southern Mountain Town in Prose & Poetry. And it's not required that one be a current, former, or sometime resident of this storied and much-loved North Carolina hamlet. Surely a discerning, open-minded reader who has perhaps never even been to Asheville, or maybe never even heard of Asheville, will still appreciate the colorful panorama sketched by the twenty-seven writers whose work graces these pages. There is so much to recommend this spirited, diverse, and muscular collection of personal essays, narrative nonfiction, memoir shorts, prose poems, narrative poetry, and short stories, and a true reader will definitely find favorites among the panoply of offerings.

This is all good news, truly. And yet, that same curious reader will also, without doubt, find him- or herself scurrying for the library or Internet in search of that twenty-eighth view of Asheville which perhaps can only be distilled from Wolfe's original words, stories, and strictly Ashevillian stance. This is good news, too, because while one can enjoy 27 Views without Wolfe, why would one want to? And when one good book leads to...

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