21st Century Kinkycrafts.

Author:Volk, Carol
Position:Brief Article - Book Review

21st Century Kinkycrafts

Janet W. Hardy, editor

Greenery Press

4200 Park Blvd., PMB 240, Oakland, CA 94602

1890159581 $19.95 www.greenerypress.com

21st Century Kinkycrafts is a compendium of simple sex toys that anyone can make at low cost from common household materials. A disclaimer warns against manufacturing any of these devices for commercial purposes; they are for private use only. Most of the sex toys are bondage or s&m fetish items; some are specially designed for anal sex, and a few such as the fuzzy blindfold are general purpose. Simple diagrams of the possible crafts, detailed instructions, and lists of the tools, materials, cost and time...

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